OBBuilder Member List

This is the complete list of members for OBBuilder, including all inherited members.
AddNbrs(OBBitVec &fragment, OBAtom *atom)OBBuilder [static]
Build(OBMol &mol)OBBuilder
Connect(OBMol &mol, int a, int b, vector3 &newpos, int bondOrder=1)OBBuilder [static]
Connect(OBMol &mol, int a, int b, int bondOrder=1)OBBuilder [static]
CorrectStereoAtoms(OBMol &mol)OBBuilder [static]
CorrectStereoBonds(OBMol &mol)OBBuilder [static]
GetFragment(OBAtom *atom)OBBuilder [static]
GetNewBondVector(OBAtom *atom)OBBuilder [static]
GetNewBondVector(OBAtom *atom, double length)OBBuilder [static]
IsSpiroAtom(unsigned long atomId, OBMol &mol)OBBuilder [static]
OBBuilder()OBBuilder [inline]
SetKeepRings()OBBuilder [inline]
Swap(OBMol &mol, int a, int b, int c, int d)OBBuilder [static]
UnsetKeepRings()OBBuilder [inline]
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