OBElement Member List

This is the complete list of members for OBElement, including all inherited members.
GetAllredRochowElectroNeg()OBElement [inline]
GetAtomicNum()OBElement [inline]
GetBlue()OBElement [inline]
GetCovalentRad()OBElement [inline]
GetElectronAffinity()OBElement [inline]
GetElectroNeg()OBElement [inline]
GetGreen()OBElement [inline]
GetIonization()OBElement [inline]
GetMass()OBElement [inline]
GetMaxBonds()OBElement [inline]
GetName()OBElement [inline]
GetRed()OBElement [inline]
GetSymbol()OBElement [inline]
GetVdwRad()OBElement [inline]
OBElement()OBElement [inline]
OBElement(int num, const char *sym, double ARENeg, double rcov, double rvdw, int maxbo, double mass, double elNeg, double ionize, double elAffin, double red, double green, double blue, std::string name)OBElement [inline]
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