OBAngle Class Reference

Used to hold the 3 atoms in an angle and the angle itself. More...

#include <openbabel/generic.h>

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Public Member Functions

 OBAngle (const OBAngle &)
 ~OBAngle ()
OBAngleoperator= (const OBAngle &)
bool operator== (const OBAngle &)
void Clear ()
double GetAngle () const
void SetAngle (double angle)
void SetAtoms (OBAtom *vertex, OBAtom *a, OBAtom *b)
void SetAtoms (triple< OBAtom *, OBAtom *, OBAtom * > &atoms)

Protected Member Functions

 OBAngle ()
 OBAngle (OBAtom *vertex, OBAtom *a, OBAtom *b)
triple< OBAtom *, OBAtom
*, OBAtom * > 
GetAtoms ()
void SortByIndex ()

Protected Attributes

std::pair< OBAtom *, OBAtom * > _termini
double _radians


class OBMol
class OBAngleData

Detailed Description

Used to hold the 3 atoms in an angle and the angle itself.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OBAngle (  )  [protected]

Angle default constructor.

OBAngle ( OBAtom vertex,
OBAtom a,
OBAtom b 
) [protected]

Angle constructor.

OBAngle ( const OBAngle src  ) 

OBAngle copy constructor.

~OBAngle (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

triple< OBAtom *, OBAtom *, OBAtom * > GetAtoms (  )  [protected]

Retrieves the 3 atom pointer for the angle (vertex first).

triple of OBAtom pointers
void SortByIndex (  )  [protected]

sorts atoms in angle by order of indices

Referenced by OBAngle::OBAngle(), and OBAngle::SetAtoms().

OBAngle & operator= ( const OBAngle src  ) 

OBAngle assignment operator.

bool operator== ( const OBAngle other  ) 

OBAngle equality operator, is same angle, NOT same value.

boolean equality
void Clear ( void   ) 

Return OBAngle to its original state.

Referenced by OBMol::FindAngles().

double GetAngle (  )  const [inline]

Gets the OBAngle angle value

angle in radians
void SetAngle ( double  angle  )  [inline]

Sets the OBAngle to radians

angle in radians
void SetAtoms ( OBAtom vertex,
OBAtom a,
OBAtom b 

Sets the 3 atoms in the angle Parameters are pointers to each OBAtom.

Referenced by OBMol::FindAngles().

void SetAtoms ( triple< OBAtom *, OBAtom *, OBAtom * > &  atoms  ) 

Sets the 3 atoms in the angle.

atoms a triple of OBAtom pointers, the first must be the vertex

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class OBMol [friend]
friend class OBAngleData [friend]

Member Data Documentation

double _radians [protected]

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