OBMolAtomBFSIter Class Reference

Iterate over all atoms in an OBMol in a breadth-first search (BFS). More...

#include <openbabel/obiter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 OBMolAtomBFSIter ()
 OBMolAtomBFSIter (OBMol *mol, int StartIndex=1)
 OBMolAtomBFSIter (OBMol &mol, int StartIndex=1)
 OBMolAtomBFSIter (const OBMolAtomBFSIter &ai)
 ~OBMolAtomBFSIter ()
OBMolAtomBFSIteroperator= (const OBMolAtomBFSIter &ai)
 operator bool () const
OBMolAtomBFSIteroperator++ ()
OBMolAtomBFSIter operator++ (int)
OBAtomoperator-> () const
OBAtomoperator* () const
int CurrentDepth () const

Detailed Description

Iterate over all atoms in an OBMol in a breadth-first search (BFS).

version 2.1

To facilitate iteration through all atoms in a molecule, without resorting to atom indexes (which will change in the future), a variety of iterator methods are provided.

This class provides a breadth-first search ordering of atoms. When one connected component is exhausted, the iterator will start at another until all atoms are visited. No guarantee is made as to the ordering of iteration through connected components.

The iterator maintains an internal queue and list of visited atoms. As such it may not be appropriate for memory-constrained situations when iterating through large molecules.

Use of this iterator has been made significantly easier by a series of macros in the obiter.h header file:

      \#define FOR_BFS_OF_MOL(a,m)     for( OBMolAtomBFSIter     a(m); a; ++a )

Here is an example:

      #include <openbabel/obiter.h>
      #include <openbabel/mol.h>

      OpenBabel::OBMol mol;
      FOR_BFS_OF_MOL(a, mol)
         // The variable a behaves like OBAtom* when used with -> and * but
         // but needs to be explicitly converted when appearing as a parameter
         // in a function call - use &*a


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OBMolAtomBFSIter (  )  [inline]
OBMolAtomBFSIter ( OBMol mol,
int  StartIndex = 1 
OBMolAtomBFSIter ( OBMol mol,
int  StartIndex = 1 
OBMolAtomBFSIter ( const OBMolAtomBFSIter ai  ) 
~OBMolAtomBFSIter (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

OBMolAtomBFSIter & operator= ( const OBMolAtomBFSIter ai  ) 
operator bool (  )  const [inline]
Whether the iterator can still advance (i.e., visit more atoms)
OBMolAtomBFSIter & operator++ (  ) 

Preincrement -- advance to the next atom in the BFS list and return.

Referenced by OBMolAtomBFSIter::operator++().

OBMolAtomBFSIter operator++ ( int   ) 

Postincrement -- return the current atom and advance to the next atom.

OBAtom* operator-> (  )  const [inline]
a pointer to the current atom
OBAtom& operator* (  )  const [inline]
a reference to the current atom
int CurrentDepth (  )  const
the current depth of the iterator
version 2.2

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