FptIndex Struct Reference

Structure of fastsearch index files. More...

#include <openbabel/fingerprint.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool Read (std::istream *pIndexstream)
bool ReadIndex (std::istream *pIndexstream)
bool ReadHeader (std::istream *pIndexstream)
OBFingerprintCheckFP ()

Public Attributes

FptIndexHeader header
std::vector< unsigned int > fptdata
std::vector< unsigned int > seekdata

Detailed Description

Structure of fastsearch index files.

Member Function Documentation

bool Read ( std::istream *  pIndexstream  ) 

Referenced by FastSearch::ReadIndex().

bool ReadIndex ( std::istream *  pIndexstream  ) 
bool ReadHeader ( std::istream *  pIndexstream  ) 

Referenced by FptIndex::Read().

OBFingerprint * CheckFP (  ) 
A pointer to FP used or NULL and an error message

Referenced by FastSearchIndexer::FastSearchIndexer(), and FastSearch::ReadIndex().

Member Data Documentation

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