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 author = {G. M. Downs and V. J. Gillet and J. D. Holliday and M. F. Lynch},
 title = {{T}heoretical {A}spects of {R}ing {P}erception and {D}evelopment
          of the {E}xtended {S}et of {S}mallest {R}ings {C}oncept},
 journal = {J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci.},
 year = {1989},
 volume = {29},
 pages = {187-206},
 abstract = {There are many unresolved issues concerning the definition of an optimum
             ring set for retrieval purposes. This paper considers the problems
             associated with processing planar (two-dimensional) representations
             of three-dimensional structures. To overcome the ambiguity of such
             representations, a new ring set is defined in terms of simple faces
             and cut faces. The concept of a cut-vertex graph is introduced to
             explain the combinatorial relationship between the number of simple
             faces and the number of planar embedments.},