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 author = {P. Murray--Rust and H. S. Rzepa},
 title = {Chemical {M}arkup, {XML}, and the {W}orldwide {W}eb. 1. {B}asic {P}rinciples},
 journal = {J. {C}hem. {I}nf. {C}omput. {S}ci.},
 year = {1999},
 volume = {39},
 pages = {928--942},
 abstract = {Chemical markup language ({CML}) is an application of {XML}, the extensible
             markup language, developed for containing chemical information components
             within documents. {I}ts design supports interoperability with the
             {XML} family of tools and protocols. {I}t provides a base functionality
             for atomic, molecular, and crystallographic information and allows
             extensibility for other chemical applications. {L}egacy files can
             be imported into {CML} without information loss and can carry any
             desired chemical ontology. {S}ome applications of {CML} ({M}arkush
             structures, chemical searching) will be discussed in later articles.
             {A}n {XML} document type declaration ({DTD}) for {CML} is included
             as a {C}hart.},
 doi = {10.1021/ci990052b},