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 author = {E. L. Willighagen},
 title = {Processing {CML} {C}onventions in {J}ava},
 journal = {Internet {J}ournal of {C}hemistry},
 year = {2001},
 volume = {4},
 pages = {4},
 abstract = {This article describes the first opensource {J}ava implementation
             of import filters for the {C}hemical {M}arkup {L}anguage ({CML}).
             {T}he filters support {CML} conventions and were tested with two
             opensource project: {J}mol, a 3{D} molecular viewer, and {JC}hem{P}aint,
             a chemical editor. {F}urthermore, the use of conventions in {CML}
             is explained and the reason for using conventions is pointed out.
             {F}inally, the implementation is compared with two recently developed
             techniques for handling {CML} data.},
 contents = {Chemical Markup Language (CML), Java},
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