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In addition to serving as a set of user-level tools, Open Babel offers a C++ library and interface in other languages (e.g., Perl and Python for general chemical software development, both in-house and to encourage open source chemistry packages. As such, it is also a founding member of the Blue Obelisk movement, which shares cheminformatics data, algorithms and more.

This page acts as an index for all sorts of developer documentation for Open Babel. In addition, the following links may be useful:

There are also several useful e-mail lists for Open Babel development:

In addition, to monitor changes to the Open Babel code (particularly important if you're trying to stay up-to-date with the Open Babel code repository), you may wish to monitor:

Looking to Contribute

This section of the website is designated for information on writing programs to use the Open Babel as a code library.

If you'd like to Get Involved, check out suggestions and guidelines for helping out.


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