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Open Babel is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.


Provides a graphical user interface for Open Babel, as well as a command-line interface. This is what most users are looking for.
Provides access to the Open Babel libraries from Python.

The following options are only recommended for experienced developers:

If you like a challenge, you can try compiling Open Babel using Cygwin.
[Not recommended] You may succeed in compiling Open Babel using MinGW.


To install Open Babel on Linux, you will either need to compile it yourself or install a binary package:

Compile Open Babel, and optionally the Perl and Python bindings.
  • Install a binary package
Several Linux distributions provide binary packages:
Fedora 6
RedHat Enterprise Linux/Fedora (RPM)
Other RPM packages


A graphical interface to Open Babel.

To get the command-line tools you need to choose one of the following:

Compile Open Babel, and optionally the Perl and Python bindings, using Apple's Developer Tools


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