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This page is a work in progress, to list talks on Open Babel or related to similar projects. It is also to list published articles which cite Open Babel or involve Open Babel. If you have suggestions/corrections/complaints, please send them to the openbabel-discuss mailing list.

Publications and Reports

(in chronological order)

  • Warren L. DeLano. "The case for open-source software in drug discovery" Drug Discovery Today (2005) 10(3) p. 213-217. (online)
  • Matthew T. Stahl. "Open-source software: not quite endsville" Drug Discovery Today (2005) 10(3) p. 219-222. (online)
  • NSF Division of Chemistry (CHE). "CHE Cyber Chemistry Workshop Report" Oct. 3-5, 2004. (online)
  • Peter Murray-Rust, Henry S. Rzepa, Mark J. Williamson, and Egon L. Willighagen. "Chemical Markup, XML, and the World Wide Web. 5. Applications of Chemical Metadata in RSS Aggregators" Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences (2004) 44(2) p. 462-469. (online)