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Having problems using OpenBabel? It didn't work or it didn't do what you expected?

Sorry about that, but you've come to the right place. Here you can find some suggestions on finding help.

Ask for Help

A good place to go for general help is the openbabel-discuss mailing list. We encourage you to subscribe to the list here, and then send your query to [email protected].

You can also email the list without subscribing, but your email will not appear for up to a week (emails are moderated on Tuesday mornings).

An archive of posts to the list can be accessed here.

Report a Bug

We strive to ensure Open Babel is as bug-free as possible. Please hold us to that -- let us know if it does something incorrect! By reporting bugs, you can track our progress in fixing it, and ensure we follow up on your problem.

  1. Go to the Open Babel bug tracker
  2. If you have a GitHub account, please log in, or consider signing up (it's free)
  3. To submit a new bug, click on the green "New issue"
  4. Please read the instructions at the top of the "Write" Box
  5. Fill in the remainder of the "Write" box to describe your bug report...

A good bug report should include:

  • Your name and email address
  • The version of Open Babel are you using, and your operating system (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris, etc.)
  • An attachment containing an example input file that causes the problem.
  • Please try to be specific and give an example of what exactly didn't work. Please let us know what you think should have happened instead.


Contributions of all sorts are most welcome. Open Babel is a community project and would not be the same without your feedback and suggestions.

Please feel free to suggest: