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[[babel]], [[obenergy]], [[obfit]], [[obgrep]], [[obminimize]], [[obrotate]].
[[babel]], [[obenergy]], [[obfit]], [[obgrep]], [[obminimize]], [[obrotate]].
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obrotamer -- generate conformer/rotamer coordinates


obrotamer filename


The obrotamer tool can be used as part of a conformational search by generating random isomers based on rotating dihedral angles. These rotamers are not conformers -- that is, obrotamer does not perform geometry optimization after generating the rotamer structure. The obminimize tool can do geometry optimization using molecular mechanics.


Generate a random rotational isomer of baseconformer.sdf and write it to rotamer1.sdf

obrotamer baseconformer.sdf >rotamer1.sdf

See Also

babel, obenergy, obfit, obgrep, obminimize, obrotate.

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