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There are many projects which use Open Babel code internally, including several easy-to-use "front end" interfaces, as well as a variety of related open source chemistry projects.

Programs Using Open Babel

  • Avogadro - Flexible, cross-platform 3D molecular editor
  • Bist 2D drawing tool for Qt/KDE (in development)
  • Brabosphere - Brabosphere, a molecular visualization tool for the quantum mechanics package BRABO
  • CCP1GUI - Free, extensible molecular viewer and editor, including GUI for GAMESS-UK
  • Chemtool - 2D molecular drawing tool using GTK toolkit
  • ChemSpotlight - Chemical indexing for Mac OS X
  • Chemical Structure Project - Open Source Chemical Structure Database
  • eMolecules - World-wide chemical search
  • Gabedit - Molecular editor for GNOME environment
  • GChemPaint - 2D molecular drawing tool for GNOME environment
  • Ghemical - Molecular editor for GNOME environment
  • Gnome Chemistry Utils - GTK/Gnome based tools for chemistry software development
  • Kalzium - KDE Chemistry Education project
  • KMovisto - 3D molecular viewer for Linux
  • lazar - Lazy Structure-Activity Relationships (prediction of toxicity data)
  • Molekel - Advanced multiplatform 3D molecular viewer
  • molsketch - 2D molecular drawing tool for Qt/KDE environment (in development)
  • MyChem - MySQL extension for chemical databases
  • NanoEngineer-1 - Open source 3D molecular modeler for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • NanoHive-1 Nanospace Simulator - Modular simulator for modeling nanometer scale physics and chemistry
  • OOPSE - Object-Oriented Parallel Simulation Engine
  • OSRA - Optical Structure Recognition (graphics into SMILES)
  • pgchem::tigress - PostgreSQL database engine for molecules
  • SMIREP - SMILES based structure-activity relationship rules
  • SPORCalc - Fingerprint−based Probabilistic Scoring of Metabolic Sites
  • V-Sim Visualizes atomic structures such as crystals, grain boundaries, etc.
  • ViewMol - Molecular viewer and graphical front end for computational chemistry programs
  • XDrawChem - XWindows/Qt-based 2D molecular drawing tool
  • YASARA - Yet Another Scientific Artificial Reality Application
  • Zodiac - Cross-platform suite for Rational drug design

Front Ends

Related Open Chemistry Projects