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Subversion is the name of the project used to maintain the Open Babel version control repository. There are many clients for Subversion, including command-line and GUI applications. For more links, see the Subversion website.

The following table suggests equivalents between the old CVS command-line actions and Subversion. More documentation can be found in the Official SVN Manual.

CVS Command Subversion Command What it does
cvs -d repo co openbabel svn co openbabel Check out the current version of Open Babel
cvs -d repo co -r openbabel-2-0-x openbabel svn co openbabel Check out the current stable branch (2.0.x) of Open Babel
cvs update -dP svn update Update the current directory with any new changes
cvs add filename svn add filename Add the file 'filename to the repository
rm -f name
cvs remove filename
svn remove filename Remove the file filename (before a commit)
mv filename newname
cvs remove filename
cvs add newname
svn mv filename newname Move/rename the file filename to newname
cvs commit svn commit Commit the changes to the central repository
cvs diff svn diff Return a diff set of differences between the working copy and the central repository
cvs -d repo co -r foo openbabel svn co repo/branches/foo openbabel Check out a branch named foo into the directory named openbabel
cvs update -r foo svn switch repo/branches/foo Switch the current working copy to a branch named foo
cvs tag -b foo svn copy repo/branches/foo Create a branch named foo with the current working copy