OBBase Member List

This is the complete list of members for OBBase, including all inherited members.

_vdataOBBase [protected]
BeginData()OBBase [inline]
CastAndClear(bool clear=true)OBBase [inline]
ClassDescription()OBBase [inline, static]
Clear()OBBase [virtual]
CloneData(OBGenericData *d)OBBase
DataSize() const OBBase [inline]
DeleteData(unsigned int type)OBBase
DeleteData(OBGenericData *)OBBase
DeleteData(std::vector< OBGenericData * > &)OBBase
DeleteData(const std::string &s)OBBase
DoTransformations(const std::map< std::string, std::string > *)OBBase [inline, virtual]
EndData()OBBase [inline]
GetAllData(const unsigned int type)OBBase
GetData(const unsigned int type)OBBase
GetData(const std::string &)OBBase
GetData(const char *)OBBase
GetData()OBBase [inline]
GetData(DataOrigin source)OBBase
HasData(const std::string &)OBBase
HasData(const char *)OBBase
HasData(const unsigned int type)OBBase
SetData(OBGenericData *d)OBBase [inline]
~OBBase()OBBase [inline, virtual]