OBPlugin Member List

This is the complete list of members for OBPlugin, including all inherited members.

_idOBPlugin [protected]
BaseFindType(PluginMapType &Map, const char *ID)OBPlugin [inline, protected, static]
Begin(const char *PluginID)OBPlugin [inline, static]
Description()OBPlugin [inline, virtual]
Display(std::string &txt, const char *param, const char *ID=NULL)OBPlugin [virtual]
End(const char *PluginID)OBPlugin [inline, static]
FirstLine(const char *txt)OBPlugin [static]
GetID() const OBPlugin [inline]
GetMap() const =0OBPlugin [pure virtual]
GetPlugin(const char *Type, const char *ID)OBPlugin [inline, static]
GetTypeMap(const char *PluginID)OBPlugin [protected, static]
List(const char *PluginID, const char *param=NULL, std::ostream *os=&std::cout)OBPlugin [static]
ListAsString(const char *PluginID, const char *param=NULL)OBPlugin [static]
ListAsVector(const char *PluginID, const char *param, std::vector< std::string > &vlist)OBPlugin [static]
MakeInstance(const std::vector< std::string > &)OBPlugin [inline, virtual]
PluginIterator typedefOBPlugin
PluginMap()OBPlugin [inline, protected, static]
PluginMapType typedefOBPlugin
~OBPlugin()OBPlugin [inline, virtual]