OBGridData Member List

This is the complete list of members for OBGridData, including all inherited members.
_attrOBGenericData [protected]
_sourceOBGenericData [protected]
_typeOBGenericData [protected]
ANGSTROM enum valueOBGridData
BOHR enum valueOBGridData
Clone(OBBase *) const OBGenericData [inline, virtual]
GetAttribute() const OBGenericData [inline, virtual]
GetAxes(double x[3], double y[3], double z[3]) const OBGridData
GetAxes(vector3 &v1, vector3 &v2, vector3 &v3) const OBGridData
GetDataType() const OBGenericData [inline]
GetMaxValue() const OBGridData
GetMaxVector() const OBGridData
GetMinValue() const OBGridData
GetNumberOfPoints(int &nx, int &ny, int &nz) const OBGridData
GetNumberOfPoints() const OBGridData
GetNumberOfSteps(int steps[3]) const OBGridData
GetNumSymmetries() const OBGridData
GetOrigin() const OBGenericData [inline, virtual]
GetOriginVector() const OBGridData
GetOriginVector(double o[3]) const OBGridData
GetUnit() const OBGridData
GetUnrestricted() const OBGridData
GetValue(int i, int j, int k) const OBGridData
GetValue(vector3 pos) const OBGridData
OpenBabel::OBGenericData::GetValue() const OBGenericData [inline, virtual]
GetValues() const OBGridData
GetXAxis() const OBGridData
GetYAxis() const OBGridData
GetZAxis() const OBGridData
OBGenericData(const std::string attr="undefined", const unsigned int type=OBGenericDataType::UndefinedData, const DataOrigin source=any)OBGenericData
OTHER enum valueOBGridData
SetAttribute(const std::string &v)OBGenericData [inline]
SetLimits(const vector3 &origin, const vector3 &x, const vector3 &y, const vector3 &z)OBGridData
SetLimits(const double origin[3], const double x[3], const double y[3], const double z[3])OBGridData
SetNumberOfPoints(int nx, int ny, int nz)OBGridData
SetNumSymmetries(int s)OBGridData
SetOrigin(const DataOrigin s)OBGenericData [inline]
SetUnit(Unit u)OBGridData
SetUnrestricted(bool u)OBGridData
SetValue(int i, int j, int k, double val)OBGridData
SetValues(const std::vector< double > &v)OBGridData
Unit enum nameOBGridData
~OBGenericData()OBGenericData [inline, virtual]
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