vector3 Member List

This is the complete list of members for vector3, including all inherited members.
AsArray() const vector3 [inline]
CanBeNormalized() const vector3
createOrthoVector(vector3 &v) const vector3
distSq(const vector3 &vv) const vector3 [inline]
Get(double *c)vector3 [inline]
GetX() const vector3 [inline]
GetY() const vector3 [inline]
GetZ() const vector3 [inline]
IsApprox(const vector3 &other, const double &precision) const vector3
length() const vector3 [inline]
length_2() const vector3 [inline]
operator!=(const vector3 &other) const vector3 [inline]
operator*=(const double &c)vector3 [inline]
operator*=(const matrix3x3 &)vector3
operator+=(const vector3 &v)vector3 [inline]
operator+=(const double *f)vector3 [inline]
operator-=(const vector3 &v)vector3 [inline]
operator-=(const double *f)vector3 [inline]
operator/=(const double &c)vector3 [inline]
operator=(const vector3 &v)vector3 [inline]
operator==(const vector3 &) const vector3
operator[](unsigned int i) const vector3
randomUnitVector(OBRandom *oeRand=NULL)vector3
Set(const double inX, const double inY, const double inZ)vector3 [inline]
Set(const double *c)vector3 [inline]
SetX(const double inX)vector3 [inline]
SetY(const double inY)vector3 [inline]
SetZ(const double inZ)vector3 [inline]
vector3(const double inX=0.0, const double inY=0.0, const double inZ=0.0)vector3 [inline]
vector3(double inV[3])vector3 [inline]
vector3(const vector3 &v)vector3 [inline]
x() const vector3 [inline]
x()vector3 [inline]
y() const vector3 [inline]
y()vector3 [inline]
z() const vector3 [inline]
z()vector3 [inline]
~vector3()vector3 [inline]
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