parsmart.h File Reference

Daylight SMARTS parser. More...

#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <openbabel/babelconfig.h>
#include <openbabel/mol.h>
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union  _AtomExpr
 An internal (SMARTS parser) atomic expression. More...
union  _BondExpr
 An internal (SMARTS parser) bond expression. More...
struct  BondSpec
 An internal (SMARTS parser) bond specification. More...
struct  AtomSpec
 An internal (SMARTS parser) atom specification. More...
struct  Pattern
 A SMARTS parser internal pattern. More...
struct  ParseState
 A SMARTS parser internal state. More...
class  OBSmartsPattern
 SMARTS (SMiles ARbitrary Target Specification) substructure searching. More...
class  OBSmartsMatcher
 Internal class: performs matching; a wrapper around previous C matching code to make it thread safe. More...
class  OBSSMatch
 Internal class: performs fast, exhaustive matching used to find just a single match in match() using recursion and explicit stack handling. More...


namespace  OpenBabel


typedef union OpenBabel::_AtomExpr AtomExpr
typedef union OpenBabel::_BondExpr BondExpr


void SmartsLexReplace (std::string &, std::vector< std::pair< std::string, std::string > > &)

Detailed Description

Daylight SMARTS parser.

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