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Open Babel Workshop


Apply before Apr 22nd to attend the 2nd Open Babble, a hands-on Open Babel workshop presented by Open Babel developers Chris Morley, Tim Vandermeersch and Noel O'Boyle. This will take place on July 5-6 2011 at the Unilever Centre in the Dept of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK.

This is the first ever users' workshop for Open Babel, one of the most widely used cheminformatics toolkits. Open Babble presents a unique opportunity to learn how to make the most of Open Babel, whether you are interested in using for converting file formats, writing scripts to analyse molecular structures, or developing your own chemistry software.

The workshop will start on the afternoon of the 5th July, and finish on the evening of the 6th. The exact topics covered will depend on the attendees’ interests but will include some or all of the following:

  • Exploiting the Open Babel command line for fast searching and filtering of molecular databases
  • How to get the most from the Open Babel GUI
  • Getting started with Python scripting for chemistry
  • Compiling C++ programs that use Open Babel
  • Writing a new plugin for Open Babel
  • How to create a user-defined molecular fingerprint
  • Combining Open Babel with other Open Source cheminformatics toolkits

Only 20 places are available at the workshop so apply now to attend. The registration fee will be €70 for academics, and €220 for industry attendees. This includes one lunch and dinner, but does not include accommodation.

We also note that sponsorship opportunities are available.

To apply to attend, email [email protected] before April 22nd with the following information:

Name: _______________
Position: ______________ (e.g. PhD student)
Address: ___________________
Email: _________________
Registration fee: €70/€220
Reason that you should be selected to attend (max three sentences):
Topics you would like covered: ____________________________________________

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