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  author = {P. Murray--Rust and H. S. Rzepa and J. Williamson and E. L. Willighagen},
  title = {Chemical {M}arkup, {XML} and the {W}orld--{W}ide {W}eb. 5. {A}pplications
           of {C}hemical {M}etadata in {RSS} {A}ggregators},
  journal = {J. {C}hem. {I}nf. {C}omput. {S}ci.},
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  volume = {44},
  pages = {462--469},
  abstract = {A revision to {C}hemical {M}arkup {L}anguage ({CML}) is presented
              as a {XML} {S}chema compliant form, modularized into nonchemical
              and chemical components. {STMML} contains generic concepts for numeric
              data and scientific units, while {CMLC}ore retains most of the chemical
              functionality of the original {CML} 1.0 and extends it by adding
              handlers for chemical substances, extended bonding models and names.
              {W}e propose extension via new namespaced components for chemical
              queries, reactions, spectra, and computational chemistry. {T}he
              conformance with {XML} schemas allows much greater control over
              datatyping, document validation, and structure.},
  doi = {10.1021/ci034244p},