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The OBMol::BeginModify() and OBMol::EndModify() calls are part of Open Babel's lazy evaluation mechanism.

In some cases, code may desire to make a large number of changes to an OBMol object at once. Ideally, this should all happen without triggering unintended perception routines. Therefore, the BeginModify() code marks the beginning of such code, and EndModify() triggers any needed updates of lazy evaluation methods.

For example:

    double x,y,z;
    OBAtom *atom;
    vector<string> vs;

    for (i = 1; i <= natoms; i ++)
        if (!ifs.getline(buffer,BUFF_SIZE))
        if (vs.size() != 4)

        atom = mol.NewAtom();
        x = atof((char*)vs[1].c_str());
        y = atof((char*)vs[2].c_str());
        z = atof((char*)vs[3].c_str());

        atom->SetVector(x,y,z); //set coordinates
        atom->SetAtomicNum(atoi(vs[0].c_str())); // set atomic number

This code reads in a list of atoms with XYZ coordinates and the atomic number in the first column (vs[0]). Since hundreds or thousands of atoms could be added to a molecule, followed by creating bonds, the code is enclosed in a BeginModify() / EndModify() pair.