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Open Babel 2.0.2 was released on 2006-07-24.

Release Notice

The Open Babel project is extremely proud to announce the release of Open Babel 2.0.2, the latest stable version of the free chemistry file translation program and chemistry software library.

This release represents a bug-fix release and should be a stable upgrade, recommended for all users of Open Babel.

What's New from 2.0.1

  • Substantial fixes to the SMILES and SMARTS parsing support, thanks to a variety of bug reports.
  • A variety of fixes to aromaticity perception and Kekule form assignment.
  • Fixed gzip support, broken in version 2.0.1 inadvertantly.
  • Output a warning when a multi-molecule files is converted to a single-molecule format.
  • Better support for command-line tools such as obgrep on Cygwin.
  • Fixed a variety of crashes.
  • Countless other bug fixes.


 A compiler optimization bug on Fedora Core 4 is known to cause crashes with Open Babel 2.0.x.
 You can either upgrade to Fedora Core 5 or later, or compile Open Babel with 
 "make CXXFLAGS=-O0" to turn off all compiler optimization.