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Open Babel 2.2.0 will be released on 2008-07-04.

Release Notice

This release represents a major update and should be a stable upgrade, strongly recommended for all users of Open Babel. Highlights include ...

What's New from 2.1.1

  • New support for 3D coordinate generation using the OBBuilder class
  • Significantly faster force fields (up to 200x faster).
  • New force fields, including complete UFF, MMFF94, and MMFF94s implementations.
  • Monte Carlo conformer search support, including the new obconformer tool.
  • A new "descriptor" plugin framework for QSAR descriptors.
  • A new "filter" plugin framework for selecting molecules by title, molecular weight, etc.
  • Facility to add new "operations" on the conversion process as plugin code, including coordinate generation, etc.
  • Code for integrating Open Babel and RDKit.
  • Code for integrating Open Babel and the BOOST graph library.
  • Improved scripting support, including new bindings for C#.
  • Space group support.
  • 3D Point group symmetry perception.
  • Improved support for "grids" or "cubes" of molecular data, such as from quantum mechanics programs. (See below for supported file formats.)
  • Initial support for reading trajectories and animations.
  • File format modules are now installed in a version-specific directory, preventing problems between 2.2.x and 2.1.x (or older) plugin libraries.
  • MDL SDF format and other 2D formats now support "aliases" for group abbreviations, such as COOH.
  • Many more bug fixes and small feature improvements.

New File Formats

  • Import & Export:
  • Import only:
  • Export only: