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Subversion is the name of the project used to maintain the Open Babel version control repository. There are many clients for Subversion, including command-line and GUI applications. For more links, see the Subversion website.

The following table suggests Subversion commands useful for Open Babel contributors. More documentation can be found in the Official SVN Manual.

Subversion Command What it does
svn co openbabel Check out the current version of Open Babel
svn co openbabel Check out the current stable branch (2.0.x) of Open Babel
svn update Update the current directory with any new changes
svn add filename Add the file 'filename to the repository
svn remove filename Remove the file filename (before a commit)
svn mv filename newname Move/rename the file filename to newname
svn commit Commit the changes to the central repository
svn diff Return a diff set of differences between the working copy and the central repository
svn co repo/branches/foo openbabel Check out a branch named foo into the directory named openbabel
svn switch repo/branches/foo Switch the current working copy to a branch named foo
svn copy repo/branches/foo Create a branch named foo with the current working copy