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How do I edit pages? I have created a login (petermr) and this allows me to do most of the mediawiki things on this page but when I go to Chemical Markup Language there is no edit button.


When pages don't exist (e.g., "Chemical Markup Language" right now), you'll see a search results page. This isn't something you can edit directly.

Click on the link that says "No page with this exact title exists, trying full text search." (the link is "exact title") The Wiki software will create a new page and start you editing it.

Oh, before I forget. If you want to create a redirect (e.g., from "CML" -> "Chemical Markup Language") you create a new page like described above. Then add one line.

#REDIRECT [[Chemical Markup Language]]

(the second half of that is simply a link to the new page)


Wikipedia and News section on main

I have opened the Wikipedia entry and what do you think about a news section on the main page?

My future plans is to extend mainly the documentation and adding maybe some mining features to OpenBabel.

Best, Joerg

Added links to (J)OELib

Honor to whom honor is due.

I would like to see links to:

and also see mentioned that OEChem supports now free licenses for non-commercial applications.

Joerg Kurt Wegner 01:40, 1 April 2006 (PST)