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 author = {G. V. Gkoutos and P. Murray--Rust and S. Rzepa and M. Wright},
 title = {Chemical {M}arkup, {XML}, and the {W}orld-{W}ide {W}eb. 3. {T}oward
          a {S}igned {S}emantic {C}hemical {W}eb of {T}rust},
 journal = {J. {C}hem. {I}nf. {C}omput. {S}ci.},
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 volume = {41},
 pages = {1124--1130},
 abstract = {We describe how a collection of documents expressed in {XML}-conforming
             languages such as {CML} and {XHTML} can be authenticated and validated
             against digital signatures which make use of established {X}.509
             certificate technology. {T}hese can be associated either with specific
             nodes in the {XML} document or with the entire document. {W}e illustrate
             this with two examples. {A}n entire journal article expressed in
             {XML} has its individual components digitally signed by separate
             authors, and the collection is placed in an envelope and again signed.
             {T}he second example involves using a software robot agent to acquire
             a collection of documents from a specified {URL}, to perform various
             operations and transformations on the content, including expressing
             molecules in {CML}, and to automatically sign the various components
             and deposit the result in a repository. {W}e argue that these operations
             can used as components for building what we term an authenticated
             and semantic chemical web of trust.},
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