Open Babel 2.0.1#

Released on 2006-04-17.

What’s new from 2.0.0#

  • Support for dynamic building on the Cygwin environment. This fixes a long-standing problem that made Open Babel useless to Cygwin users.

  • Fixed a variety of memory leaks and improved overall memory use. More work to reduce memory consumption is underway for the 2.1 release.

  • Improved Perl and Python scripting wrappers, including many bug-fixes.

  • Fixes to the “make check” test suite, which should prevent problems running before babel is installed.

  • Fixes compilation problems with AIX, Fedora Core 4, and the newly-released GCC-4.1.

  • Fixed several reported compilation problems with Windows builds using VisualC++.

  • Fixed several reported crashes.

  • Fixed problems with the Turbomole format, thanks to Mikael Johansson.

  • Fixed a bug with PDB files with coordinates < -1000 Ang.

  • Improved support for the Sybyl mol2 format, thanks to Kevin Parkes.

  • Fixed a variety of typos in the API documentation.

  • Countless bug fixes.